Vibrant Honeysuckle West Redevelopment – Realignment Honeysuckle Drive


ESS was engaged to project manage the deliver the Honeysuckle West redevelopment, inclusive of the realignment of the western end of Honeysuckle Drive, a $13 million project. 

Cottage Creek Bridge
The project entails the replacement of a bridge over Cottage Creek, creating both a new heavy vehicle route into Newcastle and augmenting a key stormwater channel for flood mitigation purposes for a large part of the Newcastle Basin. 

The project also includes relocated major utilities, high voltage electrical, high and low-pressure gas mains, water mains, sewer mains, stormwater and various telecommunications of future development sites, subdivision and road dedication, compulsory acquisitions for road closures, car park extensions, materials reuse and remediation, aboriginal and European heritage, and diversions of pedestrian and cycle paths.  ESS has been responsible for the project approvals with governmental regularity bodies, detailed design and constraints analysis and financial modelling, tendering, and delivery.
Vibrant Honeysuckle West Redevelopment - Realignment Honeysuckle Drive - honeysuckle west redevelopment